Partners – IFBI.Brussels




At first we would like to thank the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) for their support. Former president (2008-2016) professor Paul De Knop is happy that they can help IFBI. "At the VUB we were already working for many years to professionalize sports, also football. There is still a long way to go and that is why we want to support IFBI."


Thanks to Wollux our class room and leisure room are designed with various nice banners and posters. Wollux is a company that is specialised in communication visuals and is very interested in sports. "Wollux and IFBI share the same values, which are innovation, creativity and being dynamic", explains Bruno Vandeginste, Business Development Manager Sport at Wollux.

The ING Group is a multinational banking and financial services corporation. They are partners with one of the best Belgium's export products: our national football team, better known as "The Red Devils". Football is clearly tangled in the DNA of the ING Group as they also have a partnership with the Royal Dutch Football Association or KNVB.


Brussels Airlines is the national and biggest airline of Belgium and is headquartered at Brussels Airport. "The most important link between Brussels Airlines and IFBI is quite logic, we both are stationed in Brussels. It is obvious that we can help IFBI when they have to travel by plane on their experience trips through Europe", clarified Christian Dumortier, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development at Brussels Airlines.


At EVS they are working on a daily basis with the top sports professionals across the world. While sports media and TV rights generate huge revenue to major sports clubs, leagues and federations, smaller ones have often been left aside. "They see the emergence of new media and technologies and new live sports media consumption behavior. The IFBI project perfectly addresses this goal of sports education to new business rules and models supported by EVS", says Nicolas Bourdon, Senior Vice President of EVS.


Camaleo is a young and ambitious sports brand that provided the official shirts of IFBI. "IFBI is a huge project that is concentrated on football. Camaleo is specialised in football clothing and that is why we want to associate ourselves with IFBI", says David Philips, director of Camaleo. "We would like to grow side by side and to get noticed more abroad. It is a great honour for us that IFBI chose for us instead of the bigger sports brands."


Yutang Sports is a leading sports marketing company in China. They believe in the power of sports to change the world. "We are very glad about our partnership with IFBI. We treasure the expertise of IFBI in the football business industry from an academic perspective", explains Zhang Tingting, Business Development Manager of Yutang Sports. We would like to bring more football business knowledge to China and to let more young Chinese professionals and students to have a new choice of places to study."


And last but not least we want to give special thanks to the University Foundation in Brussels, which provides us an outstanding location for our institute. We could not have found a better home to get settled in.