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Career Opportunities


Your career in Football Business is our goal

After successfully completing the entire programme, the aim is obviously to require a job in the football industry. The whole year will be filled with opportunities to acquire that goal. You will receive a large number of lectures from people who work in the football industry. It is important to be very active in class and to participate. With a maximum of 25 students, the group will be rather compact and you will all have the opportunity to make a personal connection with the lecturer.

The direction from your career depends on several elements. Your educational background, different language skills and area of interest play a very important role in the decisions you have to take after completing the course. IFBI will of course help and guide you to create your destiny. IFBI will give you all the opportunities to get connected with all sorts of people from the football industry and then it is up to you to grab your own chances. If you consider all these things, you will have a big chance to make your way in the football industry.

Examples of opportunities IFBI offers to launch your career in football business:

Guest lectureships with exclusive content

Introduce you to important people in international football organisations

The presence of a Football Business Project to explore your competences

The possibility to apply for important internships

Special training and guidance to apply for jobs in the football industry