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Our alumni

Jaideep Chakrabarty

Graduate IFBI 16-17

"Have you ever been to Camp Nou? Have you ever walked the halls of FIFA and UEFA? Have you ever watched an European Cup final, LIVE? I have. I dreamt of doing all these things and thanks to IFBI, I have fulfilled all of them. Over the last year, I have had such terrific experiences that I will cherish all my life. Thank you IFBI. You're special."

Klejdi Zenelaj

Graduate IFBI 16-17

"I learned how to play football without the ball. Fantastic place to study, fantastic people to work with. One year at this program gave me the network in football industry that i would never imagined. Worth the price, worth the knowledge. Thank you to everybody for the best year of my life."

Shantam Bhargava

Graduate IFBI 16-17

"International Football Business Institute is a place where you enter as fans and you leave with a mindset of a professional. Yes, they offer you experience tours and networking opportunities, but if you can feed off the passion and professionalism of the management, you'll know what to do when you do have a foot in the door. The institution is set for bigger things and so are the participants. The level of expertise I have received and the exposure I got, has done wonders to my confidence. It will keep beating it's past best... always. Cheers."

Julian Polla

Graduate IFBI 16-17

"Besides the great experience tours to various countries and great clubs, such as Manchester; Barcelona; Amsterdam; Lyon and many more, you can follow your passion in a great and familiar environment. If you want to know how a football club is run and how the football world works, then you should definitely follow this program. I had a great time and I wish I could do it all over again, but the professional football world awaits me now."

Aurélien Résibois

Graduate IFBI 16-17

"Proud to be the first Belgian participant to be graduated from International Football Business Institute. Thanks to everyone who participate to this amazing journey. I recommend to everyone who wants to launch his career in the football industry to follow this course. Looking forward to the future!"