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Living in Brussels

Combine studying in Brussels with a pleasant stay in the capital. Brussels offers a wide array of housing possibilities in every budget for students and multiple organisations to assist you in the process of selecting a place to live.

The best accommodations we can recommend you for your stay in Brussels during the year are TheLink, Studence and Upkot. These places have student rooms who are designed with connectivity in mind: ensuring that university life is the complete, well-rounded and inspiring experience.



As the capital city of Europe, there is obviously a lot to see in Brussels. The Grand Place, the Royal Greenhouses or the Atomium are just a few of the great monuments you can discover in the capital city of Belgium. If you want to explore them all, it is perfectly possible to get a guided tour in the centre of the city.

When you arrive to the point that you have seen everything in Brussels, you can always take a train at the big Central Station to pay a visit to the other big cities in Belgium like Bruges, Antwerp or Gent.