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Tuition Fee

Investing in your future

The tuition fee for a full academic year at IFBI is €40.000.

Fees must be paid through a European Banking transfer. Invoice will be received after completing enrolment in the VUB system.

Proof of solvency

If you are not a European citizen, it is necessary to obtain a visa and to proof your solvency. A minimum transfer of €9.000 to an IFBI closed account is required. After arriving in Brussels and opening your own account, IFBI will pay 1/10th of that amount back to you each month, which may be used to pay for living expenses, such as rent, food & beverages, etc.


We recommend the accommodations from The Link, Studence and Upkot for your stay in Brussels. You can expect an average cost of between €350 and €500 per month.

Living expenses

Living in Brussels is not as expensive as in London or Singapore. For a student you need an average of €350 per month.


Currently there are no scholarships available.