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A mind for business and a passion for football

Welcome at the International Football Business Institute, where we educate people with a heart for business and a passion for the sport towards a better and more transparent management and development of the business side of the game.

Relying on 15 years of experience in coordinating academic courses in Sports management, IFBI helps the football managers of the future to kick off a shining and respected career in the industry.

IFBI is located in Brussels, Belgium, currently among the best on the FIFA ranking. A central location in the capital of Europe offering extensive connections throughout the continent and welcoming students from all over the world. The first to provide participants with an all-in-one education package at university level.

Learn from the best in Football Business

Mr. Karl Dhont

Expert gambling affairs
Disciplinary Inspector / Advisor

Mr. Paul Lakin

Chief Commercial Officer
at Stoke City FC

Mr. James White

Director of Commercial Strategy
at F.C. Internazionale Milano

Mr. Stuart Johncock

Head of Supporter Engagement
at Leicester City Football Club

Mr. George Pangl

General Secretary
at European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL)

Mr. Peter Willems

Head of Marketing Activities and Sponsorship

Mr. Claudio Borges

Digital Marketing, CRM, Analytics and Loyalty
at City Football Marketing

Mr. Maciej Balazinski

Vice President
of Lechia Gdańsk

Klejdi Zenelaj

Graduate IFBI 16-17

"I learned how to play football without the ball. Fantastic place to study, fantastic people to work with. One year at this program gave me the network in football industry that i would never imagined. Worth the price, worth the knowledge. Thank you to everybody for the best year of my life."

Jaideep Chakrabarty

Graduate IFBI 16-17

"Have you ever been to Camp Nou? Have you ever walked the halls of FIFA and UEFA? Have you ever watched an European Cup final, LIVE? I have. I dreamt of doing all these things and thanks to IFBI, I have fulfilled all of them. Over the last year, I have had such terrific experiences that I will cherish all my life.
Thank you IFBI. You're special."

Our Executive Master in short

Degree: International Executive Master in Football Business from Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Duration: One academic year, 60 ECTS

Tuition fee: €40,000 (more info on the fee)

Experience Tours: Two per trimester, six throughout the year (transportation and stay included in tuition fee)

Number of participants: Limited to 25 worldwide

Diploma requirement: Bachelor's or master's degree (no specific requirements as to which one)

Applying: Applications open until next academic year. Limited seats available.

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