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Master Class


Master Class in International Football Business

As of 2020, IFBI organises a Master Class in International Football Business. The Master Class in International Football Business is designed for those who are looking to strengthen their strategic thinking in commercial related matters. Over three modules, each of them comprising of 3-day live seminars, participants are able to gain unique insights on how to commercially develop their own organisation. Each module consists of 3 days of interactive learning opportunities and networking sessions. This Master Class, available to anyone with an interest in commercial business strategies within the football industry, has been specifically designed to ensure that participants can acquire and develop the essential knowledge and skills. As we believe in the power of live interaction and knowledge-sharing, this programme takes place in Brussels - Belgium.



Commercial Identity

The first module of the Master Class in International Football Business focuses on the commercial identity of a football club / association. We kick-off the Master Class by looking into the most appropriate strategies and actions in order to build and manage a football brand. Increasing brand awareness and working towards a higher degree of brand loyalty is the main goal. As strong and meaningful brand associations create advantages in terms of marketing and sponsorship acquisition, we will delve deeper into these three topics:

Day 1: Brand Management

Day 2: Marketing Strategies

Day 3: Sponsorship Strategies

Date: Tuesday 8th - Wednesday 9th - Thursday 10th of September 2020

Location: Brussels - Belgium

Match Day Business Development

The second module will focus on how to generate more revenues during match days. Raising the overall fan experience, optimizing ticketing procedures and creating unique B2B hospitality experiences will be the topics open for discussion.

Day 1: Ticketing Strategies

Day 2: Fan Experience

Day 3: Hospitality B2B

Date: Tuesday 3rd - Wednesday 4th - Thursday 5th of November 2020

Location: Brussels - Belgium

Non-Match Day Business Development

Over the course of the last module, we are looking into creating new business models that will diversify the football organisation’s revenue streams. An answer will be given to the following question; ‘How to generate direct and indirect revenues out of E-sports, retail and social media?’.

Day 1: E-Sports as a revenue model

Day 2: Retail Strategies

Day 3: Social media as a revenue stream

Date: Tuesday 1st - Wednesday 2nd - Thursday 3rd of December 2020

Location: Brussels - Belgium



  • English working proficiency

More Info


Open to anyone with an interest in the business side of football

How long

3 modules of 3 days


Module 1: € 2,500*
Module 2: € 2,500*
Module 3: € 2,500*
Attending all three modules: € 6,750*
*All prices are exclusive of VAT
Inclusive: Lunch - Dinner & Beverages and all lecture materials.


1st module:
8-9-10 September 2020
2nd module:
3-4-5 November 2020
3rd module:
1-2-3 December 2020


Brussels - Belgium




Open till 15th of August 2020

Academic certification

Certificate in International Football Business - IFBI


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