Programme - IFBI.Brussels



Programme overview

The programme at IFBI is divided in three trimesters throughout the whole year. Each trimester consists out of five weeks and each week has his own subject. The students will take exams on every subject. Besides the exams, there is also a Football Business Project. You can find all details of the entire programme on this page.

Language: English
Number of ECTS credits: 60
Degree: Postgraduate Degree in International Football Business from VUB
Duration: 1 year
Location: Brussels, Belgium

Full program

Accredited by the University of Brussels

The Postgraduate Course in International Football Business provides academic and practical insights into the dynamics of the football industry. During the course of the academic year, the participants will have the opportunity to learn from and get in contact with industry experts. The Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) is the backbone of our programme. As Belgium’s leading university in the field of internationalisation, the VUB enabled the expansion of our programme in 2014. Now, five years later, we offer a high-end programme, fully in line with the core values of the VUB: fairly unique, forming a bridge between academia, the professional field and the public sphere.