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Our alumni

Jaideep Chakrabarty

Graduate IFBI 16-17

"Have you ever been to Camp Nou? Have you ever walked the halls of FIFA and UEFA? Have you ever watched an European Cup final, LIVE? I have. I dreamt of doing all these things and thanks to IFBI, I have fulfilled all of them. Over the last year, I have had such terrific experiences that I will cherish all my life. Thank you IFBI. You're special."

Klejdi Zenelaj

Graduate IFBI 16-17

"I learned how to play football without the ball. Fantastic place to study, fantastic people to work with. One year at this program gave me the network in football industry that i would never imagined. Worth the price, worth the knowledge. Thank you to everybody for the best year of my life."

Our Executive Master in short

Degree: Postgraduate in Football Business from Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Duration: One academic year, 60 ECTS

Tuition fee: €40,000 (more info on the fee)

Experience Tours: Two per trimester, six throughout the year (transportation and stay included in tuition fee)

Number of participants: Limited to 25 worldwide

Diploma requirement: Bachelor's or Master's degree (no specific requirements as to which one)

Applying: Applications open until next academic year. Limited seats available.