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Welcome at the International Football Business Institute,
where we educate people with a heart for business and a passion for the sport towards a better and more transparent management and development of the business side of the game.

Relying on 15 years of experience in coordinating academic courses in Sports management, IFBI helps the football executives of the future to kick off a shining and respected career in the industry.

IFBI is located in Brussels, Belgium, currently among the best on the FIFA ranking. A central location in the capital of Europe offering extensive connections throughout the continent and welcoming participants from all over the world.

Fulltime programme & Lecturers

ECTS = European Credit Transfer System


Experience Tours

Experiencing first hand is key. That’s why IFBI offers the unique combination of theory courses and experience tours to the biggest clubs, most interesting conferences, stadiums and of course some tantalizing matches. Our participants will get to know the importance of attending events, connecting with the business, sharing best practices and collaborating with other business minds.

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

About Brussels

With 30% of the population being of foreign origin, Brussels is a meltingpot of cultures and languages. EU and EU-affiliated institutions, NATO HQ and several diplomatic representations make Brussels the political heart of Europe. Home to 1.2 million inhabitants, Brussels is a booming city.

With good connections by rail, tram, bus or subway, the city opens itself up to you. Brussels is situated at the centre of a well connected European air and rail network. European capitals such as London, Paris and Amsterdam can all be reached in less than one hour by plane or two hours by high-speed train. In Brussels, Europe is at your fingertips!

Live in Brussels

Combine studying in Brussels with a pleasant stay in the capital. Brussels offers a wide array of housing possibilities in every budget for students and multiple organisations to assist you in the process of selecting a place to live.

For instance, Br(ik is the ‘go-to’ place for students with all their questions about living in the capital of Belgium and the centre of Europe. Br(ik welcomes you to Brussels and invites you to explore the glory of the city and all it has to offer: housing, bike routes, hip places to go, recreational events and more.

We also recommend TheLink and UpKot for excellent accommodations with a direct bus connection to the University Foundation.


University Foundation

The International Football Business Institute finds its home in the University Foundation in Brussels. An authentic building in the heart of the capital, founded in 1920 to support higher education and scientific research. A place for international academics to gather and meet with civil society representatives.

The style of the venue speaks for itself. It is a location that breathes class and refinement, and provides the IFBI with all necessary accommodations. An auditorium for the participants to follow daily lectures and areas to meet, study, lunch and relax.

An exclusive setting that mirrors the image and character of our institute and offers our participants a perfect place to learn and build on the qualities as future football business men and women.

Investing in your future

The Institute offers business education on Champions League level. The current tuition fees for the Postgraduate course and class, graduating in 2017 are €40,000. This fee is billed after acceptance and registration, two to three months before the programme, and must be settled before the programme begins.

Other than the opportunity to become the best in the business by learning from the best in the business, every participant receives in return:

  • Lectureships
  • International network in the football business
  • Insurance
  • Books and study material
  • Admittance to Experience tours
  • Breakfast, lunch and drinks on day of class
  • A tailored suit
  • Public transport in Brussels
  • Business cards
  • Career guidance

The tuition fee does not cover accommodation. The approximate cost of an accommodation in Brussels is €500 per month. Accommodation charges should be settled directly with the landlord.


Estimated living expenses during the Postgraduate programme

All expenses made during your stay in Brussels may vary considerably depending on your financial means and choices of lifestyle, but on average a weekly budget between € 50 and € 100 should suffice. Check this estimation below for more info.

  • Accommodation: € 500 /month
  • Public transport in Brussels: included in fee
  • Telephone: € 20 /month
  • A pizza: € 10
  • Steak & French fries: € 30
  • A beer: € 2
  • A sandwich: € 3,75
  • A football game ticket (Pro League): € 20
  • A train ticket to Antwerp: € 14
  • A Red Devils jersey: € 80
  • A movie ticket: € 10

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for the educational programme?
You can apply for the course by uploading your CV and cover letter via the contact form on our website. Once you have done this, we will examine your profile and determine if you are suitable for our course as we can only admit a maximum of 60 participants. After you have applied for our course, we will contact you for an intake via Skype as soon as possible.
I have applied for the educational programme. Does this mean that I am automatically selected as a participant?
No. As mentioned above, the number of participants for this year is limited to sixty. Therefore we will only select those most suitable for our postgraduate course.
How much does it cost to study at the IFBI?
The International Football Business Institute is not subsidized by the government. The Institute does offer business education on Champions League level and therefore applying for our postgraduate course requires an investment of circa €40.000. Other than the opportunity to become the best in the business by learning from the best in the business, every participant receives in return:
  • The opportunity to learn from of the best in the business
  • Access to an international network in the football business
  • Books and study material
  • Admittance to experience tours
  • Daily breakfast, lunch and drinks
  • A tailored suit
  • Free access to public transport
What are the diploma requirements for studying at the IFBI?
The International Football Business Institute offers its participants the chance to apply for a postgraduate in Football Business. This means you can only take part in our course if you already earned a master’s or bachelor’s degree. Although a certain knowledge of the market and business in general gained through previous education may benefit your chances in success, it does not matter which bachelor’s or master’s degree you currently hold.
Does the IFBI offers scholarships?
The possibility of earning a scholarship is in most cases determined by the educational policy of your home country. The IFBI is willing to assist in the procedure to obtain a scholarship, yet it is the responsibility of the participant to make all necessary arrangements and see to all administrative tasks when he or she intends to apply for a scholarship.
How many participants can register for the academic year 2016-2017?
Our selection will consist of a maximum of 60 participants worldwide.
Does the IFBI teach me how to be a better football player?
No. At the International Football Business Institute we teach you everything it takes to succeed off the pitch as a professional in the football industry. Our courses vary from Football Finance and Law, to Football Medical, Fan Community Management and much more. A unique opportunity for you to discover which fields are most suited for your interests and qualities and to determine where your own aspirations lie in the business of the sport.
How long does it take to complete the educational programme at the IFBI?
The postgraduate in Football Business is an educational programme of one year. Our courses are divided over three trimesters for a total of 60 ECTS.
Do I need to follow all courses or is it possible to follow certain courses separately?
Attending and following all courses is mandatory. The International Football Business Institute provides full time business education which means you have to pass every exam from every course in order to obtain a postgraduate certificate in Football Business awarded by Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
What is the start and end date of the academic year 2016-2017?
Monday 26th September 2016: Start of the academic year Friday the 7th of July 2017: Ends of the academic year Friday the 14th of July 2017: Graduation Ceremony
What career opportunities does a Postgraduate in Football Business offer?
At the International Football Business Institute we provide a wide array of courses. Multiple subjects and very different fields of expertise that make up the business of football are covered. Football medical, Football Law and Finance, Fan Community management … These courses offer plenty of possibilities for a career in the football industry. Maybe you aspire to become the next FIFA social media manager? Or you are eager to start a career in football sponsorship and marketing? Or maybe you see yourself as the new community manager or head of security at Anfield Road? Maybe you will be looking for a job as legal counsel for your favorite team? It’s all possible.
Based on what criteria will the participants be selected?
The participants will be selected based on their profile, motivation and English language skills. Applying with a good CV and strong motivational letter in your best English is a good start to secure a Skype meeting, where you can further introduce yourself, your skills and motivation and your aspirations in the football business.


Jos Verschueren

+32 (0) 477 39 12 32

Simon Van Kerckhoven

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Robert Kuijpers



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